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Digital Portfolio

Introductory Page

Welcome to my digital portfolio. This portfolio showcases my career goals, mission statement, resume, and a collection of my talents, skills, and interests. It serves as a foundational step towards building a comprehensive professional portfolio for my post-university career.

Career Goals or Mission Statement

My mission is to leverage my expertise in software development and machine learning to create innovative solutions that make a significant impact in the tech industry. I aim to continuously improve my skills and knowledge, contributing to projects that advance technology and improve lives.


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Skills, Knowledge & Abilities

Key Skill Area #1

Skills, Knowledge & AbilitiesWork Sample/EvidenceSkill TypeSourceDateSource File Names/Location
Web DevelopmentPortfolio WebsiteTJ2024portfolio link
Database ManagementDB Project ReportTE2024

Key Skill Area #2

Skills, Knowledge & AbilitiesWork Sample/EvidenceSkill TypeSourceDate
Machine LearningML Model NotebookTE2024
Data AnalysisData Analysis ReportTE2024

Key Skill Area #3

Skills, Knowledge & AbilitiesWork Sample/EvidenceSkill TypeSourceDate
CommunicationPresentation SlidesSSJ2024
Team LeadershipTeam Project ReportSSJ2024

Work/Action Plan

Courses Yet to Complete

CourseSkills to Develop
MATH 112, 113, and MATH 221Advanced mathematical concepts
COMP 230Database management skills
COMP 390Advanced software development

Activities to Enhance Career Development

ActivitySkills to Develop
Attend tech meetupsNetworking and collaboration
Contribute to open-sourceCoding and community engagement
Online courses on CourseraMachine learning and AI

Maintaining and Building the Portfolio

  1. Regularly update with new projects and skills.
  2. Include reflections on learning experiences.
  3. Add certifications and completed courses.
  4. Share links to any publications or significant contributions.

Additional Sections

Talents, Skills, and Interests

Talent 1: Coding

  • Example: Developed an AI-based chatbot.
  • Skill Type: T
  • Source: J
  • Date: 2024

Talent 2: Public Speaking

  • Example: Delivered a tech talk on machine learning.
  • Skill Type: SS
  • Source: A
  • Date: 2024

Talent 3: Project Management

  • Example: Managed a team for a university project.
  • Skill Type: SS
  • Source: J
  • Date: 2024

Feel free to explore my portfolio and see the various skills and projects I have worked on. This portfolio is a work in progress, and I will continue to add new content as I develop my skills and gain more experience.